Call The Police, Call the Coroner

I saw Django Unchained a couple weeks ago, and absolutely loved it. As with most Quentin Tarantino movies, the deliberate and unexpected music choices were spot-on. As soon as I left the theatre, I knew I had to listen to the soundtrack in full. The standout song for me was John Legend’s soulful and bluesy “Who Did That to You”. His vocals are great and the beat is jazzy and smooth. Its placement in the movie was perfect and beautifully poignant. Apparently John Legend wrote this song specifically for the movie (without knowing much about it other than the general storyline), and I find it so cool that Tarantino was able to utilize it in such a meaningful and badass way. 

Take a listen to the song below, and I would also recommend that you see Django Unchained to fully appreciate the beauty of this song.. and also because it’s a great movie.


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